Cyber crimes (Case study 1)


Client:  An international distribution company

Problem: Clients and business associates were receiving a series of anonymous emails implying improper and wholly untrue allegations against the company and its business practice.


Police reports were lodged but these failed to stop the culprits.  Emails continued unabated and progressively causing damage to a hard earned business reputation.

AXIS  Solution

  • Axis set about identifying the IP verifications of all emails received and were able to narrow down potential locations.
  • Complex forensics was able to work with non-static IP addresses which gave valuable clues as to general locations.
  • Further ground work revealed suspected offenders and business connections.
  • Finally able to track down definitive addresses. With undisputed facts and evidence, the Police were able to question and detain the perpetrators .
  • Confessions obtained revealed that these former employees was setting up a rival company and erosion of the Clients business was to “poach” their Clients