Cyber Crimes (Case Study 2)

Case: Rogue employees

Location – Taiwan

Problem: An organisation in the financial services industry had a sudden mass resignation of an entire department without giving a notice period, along with the migration of many of the clients they had been taking care of.

Outcome: AXIS AFFILIATES were engaged to uncover the extent of the involvement of these former employees regarding the clients discontinuing the relationship with the organisation. After forensically imaging their corporate computers, we began to investigate how the computers had been used. Firstly we found that these individuals had been colluding to leave the company together. Additionally we found a new company that had been set up by these individuals, while they were still working for their former company, in order to take their former employer’s clients. This was in breach of their employment contract and using the evidence gathered by AXIS AFFILIATES, the company was able to pursue the case through the legal system and seek compensation.