DUE DILIGENCE (Case study 2)


Client:       UK based retail Chain

Problem:   Interested in purchasing equity in a Malaysian Company



Concern with the direct and indirect links and associations of the Malaysian Company to Politicians and suppliers.

Axis Solution

Investigative based due diligence analysis was conducted specific to the retail consumer industry and reliable financial assessments were duly made through tested methods by our expert panel. These methods uncovered certain irregularities in delays in payments to suppliers and vendors, deficiencies in stock control systems and low worker morale.

Separately, all suppliers were discreetly interviewed for their views and business dealings with the local Company. In tandem, we provided a very detailed analysis concerning the local group’s political connections and established the actual nature of relationship the local Company had with their current bankers and also provided a realistic analysis of liquidity ratios and margins.

The Client decided to proceed with their investment in the local Company and our report was used as a model for the Client to address all imbalances in management, stock control systems and improved financial systems.