DUE DILIGENCE (Case study 1)


Client:  Singapore based financial guarantor  of a Project of a State owned   investment arm, UK based developer & foreign Equity holders

Problem: Financial standing reliability of the single source Financier.


  • It was revealed that the financial source was not an Institution or multiple investors , but, a single investor. Default and “overrun” risk is elevated.

AXIS  Solution

  • Local & international database checks were made, confidential non-public checks also conducted and every single direct and indirect business links were investigated to asses the risk. Several discreet site visits were also conducted by experienced operatives.
  • All Searches and ground investigations revealed:
  • Full list of Companies and related business interests
  • Credit history of personal and related companies
  • Links with other foreign investors
  • Property holdings
  • All legal proceedings and judgements
  • Analysis then revealed that the investor was genuine and had the capacity and proven reliability to finance the project