Client:       Global Lighting & “Soft” engine parts manufacturer

Problem:   Counterfeit manufacturing and distribution network



Client had suspicions that a local Company (Target), with operational branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam was distributing counterfeit products.

Axis Solution

An extensive market survey was conducted to determine the extent of counterfeit products reach in the listed market jurisdictions. Upon concluding that the counterfeit products presence matched the Target’s network, recorded surveillance of the Target operations was initiated.

We used our market informants and experts in the automotive industry to further investigate with a view to identify importers of the counterfeit auto products and identify their distribution and retail chains within Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

After several weeks of intensive surveillance, enforcement raids were carried out at different locations and thousands of cartons of counterfeit products were seized. The Client was thus able to send out a very strong message to the counterfeiters in order that they would cease their activity at least for a substantive period. Unfortunately the manufacturers of the counterfeit cannot be verified at this time.