Personal / Family (Case Study 2)

Client:      Financially independent wife (Muslim convert)

Problem:   Clients husband who is a well to do surgeon (Target) has been threatening Divorce with the custody of the children given to him based on false religious grounds.  Wife suspects he is having an affair for some time.

Background: Irregular and erratic schedule is not uncommon, but lately has extended to frequent overnight absence.

Axis Solution

Recorded surveillance noted frequent visit to house.  Investigation established that it was rented in the name of the Target.  Surveillance also established that it was a “Love Nest” where he meets up with another woman on a regular basis.

To avoid an ugly divorce, we arranged a JAIS raid at an appropriate time.  After a long stand-off at the gate, the Target jumped out from a window and was caught by JAIS down the road scantily clad.  Event was recorded as evidence to ensure the divorce proceeding was more balanced.