Client:  European Luxury item Manufacturer

Problem: Trademark & Product infringement (Counterfeit)


  • Client noted an unexplainable loss in regional sales.
  • The “fake products” were of reasonably high quality and difficult to validate to the untrained eye.

AXIS  Solution

  • We tracked down the manufacturing plant in China via international associates & verified distribution channels into Malaysia.
  • Also managed to identify the key players and their involvement.
  • A linked company already being investigated in another country was also involved in this conspiracy.
  • Two plants North of Malaysia were also discovered and infiltrated
  • Eventual raid by Police was timed to implicate a “Big Wig” and with Cyber Forensics, we were able produce undisputable proof of the activities.
  • Law suit resulted in huge fines for the infringing parties.
  • Clients sales improved immediately.